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A Place Called Home is family owned and founded by David C. Murchison.  He is husband to a beautiful Peruvian woman, father to two adorable girls and 3 handsome boys.  They enjoy hiking, camping, learning, reading, wrestling and playing.  

       David has worked as a nurse since May of 2005 in various capacities and specialties.  He started his career on a medical / surgical floor at Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno where he cared for patients with renal failure and Cancer for one year.  Here he learned how to manage care for acutely ill patients and to direct care provided by others.  At the end of that year he felt compelled to further deepen his knowledge and sharpen his skill at caring for critically ill patients  so he went to work at Saint Agnes Medical Center in the medical intensive care unit.  For two years he worked diligently at gaining an understanding of pathophysiology and evidence based practices so that he could provide expert life saving care to very fragile patients.  After developing this proficiency he went back to Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno for two more years to work in the emergency department where he put to use his skills in stabilizing and caring for those in emergent distress.  In May of 2010 David's grandfather contracted stage four colon cancer and subsequently required hospice care.  This event acquainted him with hospice nursing, where he has worked ever since. 

       In his journey as a nurse he became well aware of the desperate need for competent caregivers who care and make time to do what is needed.  Knowing that he could provide this much needed service he embarked on a mission to accommodate this need.  This journey is the inspiration behind A Place Called Home Residential Care.  At A Place Called Home Residential Care our staff is trained and held accountable by the best of the best.

"We provide a family-like atmosphere for our residents and assist their families through a difficult time of transition.  This experience need not be traumatic for the resident or the family.  When provided with the right services and the right information this will truly be a place you want to call home", says David

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