Senior Home Care: A Great Idea!

We often hear reminders that we need to have life insurance, burial plots, a written will, etc. Often we forget to plan for the years before the end.  We all have aging in common, but the mental and physical affects are as varied and individual as the people themselves.  In our elder years, we need to be ready to rely on the care of others without feeling any loss of dignity.  Life should still be full and fulfilling despite the arrival of more serious healthcare needs.     
Being a registered nurse for nearly ten years and the mother of four beautiful children, I have been blessed to witness the miracle of life coming into the world.  The only moment more tender to me is the passing of life out of this world.   As time goes on, we will all face the inevitable choices surrounding aging.  We strive to repay our parents for their selfless sacrifice on our behalf and struggle to find the best way to meet their needs.  It is important not to feel guilty in our limitations to provide the best care for them.  A negative connotation is commonly associated with the phrase “being put in a home”, and many fail to realize in a lot of cases this is the better option for both parent and child.  The key is to select the right home.  It is admirable to want to give back by moving a parent into your home.  In some circumstances this is the ideal decision.  But what if that is not the realistic option?  When visiting nursing homes as a child, my memories consist of strange smells, white walls, bare floors, and people wandering or staring into space, and it seemed so empty and lonely there.  A long-term care facility should, in my opinion, represent a home more than a hospital.

Being a daughter of magnificent parents who have nurtured me all my life, not just physically, but emotionally, financially, and more, I feel inadequate to fully repay them.  I have thought a great deal about their needs in the future.  In many ways, our humble needy beginnings return as the “elderly years” advance.  Mom, Dad and I, along with my siblings, have had conversations about what is the best plan.  My mother has expressed that she prefers not to live with her children again despite having a close relationship with each of us.  She feels both parent and child need independence and some privacy at this stage.  Her relationship with her many grandchildren is able to remain more “Grandma” and less babysitter/second-mother when she is simply a visitor in their home.  Rather than feeling like an intruder in her children’s lives, she prefers to establish a living arrangement with people her own age, in a similar chapter of life.

Healthcare has advanced a great deal; so much can be done to monitor and provide proper medication and safety in residential elderly care homes.  The need to transfer from facility to facility is lessened by establishing competent healthcare in the residential care home as much as possible.  Such homes have only a small number of residents and can carefully provide the most attentive care to each person.

Rather than feeling lonely or abandoned, members of such homes should have an inviting place to call their own and confidently welcome their loved ones.  Due to the raised awareness within my own family to plan for the future, my parents have invested in the kind of home they would want for themselves down the road.  The Fresno/Clovis, California area now offers two of the finest residential elderly care homes I have ever seen.  “A Place Called Home”, due to being so well received, is now expanded to two locations in Clovis.  All the safety, professionalism, medical expertise, comfort, beauty and peaceful atmosphere one could wish for is provided at these family owned homes.
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